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Three sets in unison! ——Jiangsu Faster Ripening kettle shrimo pellet mill adds industry large group customers



Guangdong Hengxing Group Co., Ltd


Founded in 1995, Guangdong Hengxing Group is a private enterprise integrating feed production and marketing, seedling breeding, animal health and veterinary drugs, packaging products, import and export trade. It is a national key leading enterprise of agricultural industrialization, and has won many honorary titles such as "Top 500 Private Enterprises in China", "Top 100 Aquatic Enterprises in the World", etc. In 2020, it was rated as "China's Top 20 Aquatic Feeds"; It has 48 subsidiaries, of which the company's special aquatic feed sales have ranked in the forefront of the country for many years.


Hengxing Group has been adhering to the vision of "improving the quality of human life", taking "Hengnong Xingbang" as the mission, and "specialization, industrialization, internationalization and digital intelligence" as the development goal, and attaches great importance to technological innovation and product research and development.


 Jiangsu Fast's continuous innovation in shrimp granulator technology and the excellence of quality have won the full trust of Hengxing Group, stood out from the shrimp granulator suppliers, and won the order of all three shrimp pelletizers of Shandong Hengxing Company in one fell swoop.


 June 6 is a good day, Jiangsu Fast will be three sets of maturation kettle shrimp granulator officially delivered to Shandong Hengxing Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Company, indicating that Hengxing Group will be in the Bohai Bay shrimp market smoothly and smoothly, great ambitions, to create China's vast northern market!





Ripening Kettle Shrimp Pellet Mill

Shrimp feed is fully matured, just choose Ripening Kettle Shrimp Pellet Mill

Shrimp feed is not slick oil, but more to Ripening Kettle Shrimp Pellet Mill








 Stable, efficient and safe






 Performance characteristics


-- Classic single motor, large-mass pulley transmission form, strong moment of inertia can well overcome the phenomenon of ring mold slippage, so that the granulator runs more smoothly.


-- Imported SKF bearings, imported oil seals, belts, service life.


-- Optional inverter motor, automatic lubrication system and ring mold lifting device.


-- Can be combined with one or two layers of curing kettle and homogenizer, high degree of curing, low powder content, shrimp feed does not slick oil.




Device details




 Technical parameters









Let the fish and shrimp no longer eat raw rice






   Performance characteristics


-- It has super stress, curing, drying and sterilization functions.


-- By hollow spindle, paddle and jacket triple steam heating, the material temperature can reach 90-105 °C (adjustable).


-- Lengthening and increasing volume design, the total heating area is more than 3 times that of the retainer, and the single layer maturation time can reach 2-8 minutes.


-- The heated spindle and paddle do not accumulate material, no overnight mildew and cross-contamination, and truly achieve clean and safe feed production.



Device details





 Technical parameters







  Tailor-made solutions

Fast shrimp mode Shed mode





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